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  • Saw wee kee park 7050 Sundown Ln Yorkville, IL, 60560 United States (map)

Our first round of Enduro Training entails working on line choice.

Since the Weather has played a harsh role in setting up initial dating, I’ll be posting out Dates and Group Rides based on the Weather alone.

Saw Wee Kee Trails tends to dry out the fastest and it’s the best time of year to go out there in my opinion.

It’s a very nice technical trail system for our area and there’s plenty of spots to hang out and work on sections.

The reason it’s ideal to ride there, especially this time of year, is because of the river bugs and growth. During the deep Summer months it’ll be tougher to enjoy a nice moment in there without getting bit up and the lines are harder to see between the overgrowth and can get a bit tight.

Anyhow now that you’ve listened to me this far and how far I like to go into finding the best suitable spots to train, we can talk specifics.

Line Choice is something that has it’s own way of forming itself at times.

Sometimes, just rolling into something slowly, allows you to find the best choice and then you go back and go a little bit faster each time.

Other times, it can be a steep and blind section that you can’t see clearly how it rolls out.

You want to be cautious, especially if these are trails you’ve never ridden before and you’re not riding behind a local guide.

Knowing the trail and knowing the track is key in keeping you safe and ready for that next adventure.

Now that doesn’t mean you need to sit down and analyze every corner of switchbacks to find that perfect turn. Since you can’t memorize every obstacle and turn, you have to stay confident in your overall ability to conquer each obstacle as it presents itself. That’s when you start to enter the higher skill sets that will allow your riding to keep progressing. It’s as much a mindset as it is a physical form of proper technique and quick thinking. You’ll start to enter what many call is the Flow. It allows you to use the most amount of speed and momentum while going through the roughest terrain = Enduro.

We can talk more about specifics as we go along, or you can message me any and all of your questions about what I have in store for this season!

We really hope you join up and have some fun on the trails with us!!

Please let us know if you liked this little article and we’ll be sure to Post a bunch more as we get some proper weather!! All the Best and Happy Trailing!

Mark MacKenzie

Shop Owner - The Bike Hub

Mountain Biking Professional - Downhill - Enduro Training Expert

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