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Enduro Training - The Bike Hub

  • Raceway Woods Carpentersville United States (map)

Raceway Woods is a prime location for any and all trail styles. It really has come a long way over the years and the lines are getting more packed in for us mountain bikers.

They have a highly dedicated crew of builders and it’s a smaller system than Palos or SWK so it’s manicured with precision. They even weed whacked recently to help give better sight lines as well as hopefully avoiding ticks!

More over Raceway is easy to navigate, figure out what type of routes you want to do and mix it up to keep it spicy. There’s a few little fun spots throughout the trail where we can set up and play around with Cornering Technique as well as Braking Tactics. I say tactics because there are a few different ways you can brake into a corner depending on how you move your body into it. There’s also a bit of a trick to keep a high amount of speed as you exit out and that’s where it takes a bit of skill.

Slap the Corner Depending on how the corner is set up you can carry a lot more speed by only minorly braking and then releasing or “slapping” the exit as you let the brake out. DO NOT USE YOUR FRONT BRAKE INTO A CORNER UNLESS YOU’RE GOING OUT OF CONTROL AND NEED TO STAY ON LINE. There’s no reason to be pulling on a front brake and losing all of your forward traction and momentum unless you’re at a downhill park at mach speeds and even then you don’t want to wash out and pull too much on the front. In a smaller trail scenario where you roll into a washy banked corner, hitting your front brake will slide you out and you’ll lose your balance point.

Releasing the brake is key to keeping your speed and allowing a smooth exit. There will be more scenarios where you won’t need to slap or skid out and it really depends on how you modulate both your front and rear brake on those exits. You’ll need to constantly be feathering them in order to maintain perfect balance as well as speed. Too much and you’ll actually lose your line and turn harshly, too little and you’ll go too far out or inside depending on your entrance and you’ll need to squeeze a lot of brake to correct yourself.

All and all Raceway is a great spot to work on your cornering and braking skills.

It also has a lot of small dips and rollers that allow you to pump and manual stuff with the flow of the trail.

It’s a super fun spot and hopefully we can hang out on some corners and have some fun!

Keep it rolling!

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