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Little Switzerland Convoy
to Sep 22

Little Switzerland Convoy

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Oh yes, it’s Convoy Time!!

Join us on a fun excursion up North to Slinger Wisconsin!!

!!Little Switzerland Bike Park!!

We’re Closing down the Shop to GO RIDE!!

We really appreciate all of our awesome Mountain Bike Customers who have been helping us out this season and in response to that if you go to Little Switzerland and Post Up with us we’ll be handing out Free SWAG and Cool Shtuff to all of our Loyal Riders throughout this season!

We’ll also be posted up for Race Weekend if any riders want to hang out on the Jump Lines and hit some trails while the race is going down!

Come Rally Out with Us on some Sweet Trails and Enjoy a Taste of some Slinger Wisconsin Dirt!

Bring your own gear and plenty of it!! This is a really cool Lift Assisted Bike Park that has multiple skill level trail sections to enjoy and get comfortable on! It has really good food at the Little Switz Pub area and an awesome view to enjoy watching your loved ones if you’re just hanging out enjoying the show!!

Come to hang out or bring the family along for a fun filled mountain bike weekend!!

See you on the trails…

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Enduro Training - The Bike Hub
4:30 PM16:30

Enduro Training - The Bike Hub

Raceway Woods is a prime location for any and all trail styles. It really has come a long way over the years and the lines are getting more packed in for us mountain bikers.

They have a highly dedicated crew of builders and it’s a smaller system than Palos or SWK so it’s manicured with precision. They even weed whacked recently to help give better sight lines as well as hopefully avoiding ticks!

More over Raceway is easy to navigate, figure out what type of routes you want to do and mix it up to keep it spicy. There’s a few little fun spots throughout the trail where we can set up and play around with Cornering Technique as well as Braking Tactics. I say tactics because there are a few different ways you can brake into a corner depending on how you move your body into it. There’s also a bit of a trick to keep a high amount of speed as you exit out and that’s where it takes a bit of skill.

Slap the Corner Depending on how the corner is set up you can carry a lot more speed by only minorly braking and then releasing or “slapping” the exit as you let the brake out. DO NOT USE YOUR FRONT BRAKE INTO A CORNER UNLESS YOU’RE GOING OUT OF CONTROL AND NEED TO STAY ON LINE. There’s no reason to be pulling on a front brake and losing all of your forward traction and momentum unless you’re at a downhill park at mach speeds and even then you don’t want to wash out and pull too much on the front. In a smaller trail scenario where you roll into a washy banked corner, hitting your front brake will slide you out and you’ll lose your balance point.

Releasing the brake is key to keeping your speed and allowing a smooth exit. There will be more scenarios where you won’t need to slap or skid out and it really depends on how you modulate both your front and rear brake on those exits. You’ll need to constantly be feathering them in order to maintain perfect balance as well as speed. Too much and you’ll actually lose your line and turn harshly, too little and you’ll go too far out or inside depending on your entrance and you’ll need to squeeze a lot of brake to correct yourself.

All and all Raceway is a great spot to work on your cornering and braking skills.

It also has a lot of small dips and rollers that allow you to pump and manual stuff with the flow of the trail.

It’s a super fun spot and hopefully we can hang out on some corners and have some fun!

Keep it rolling!

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Enduro Training - Andres Bike Park
2:00 PM14:00

Enduro Training - Andres Bike Park

Since the Weather has played a harsh role in setting up initial dating, I’ll be posting out Dates and Group Rides based on the Weather alone.

If you’ve never been to Andre’s then you’re in for a treat. It’s a legitimate progressive trail park that allows riders to progress naturally through different jump/roller lines. There’s also a big FreeRide area around the backside of the park that gives you a chance to test a few drop zones.

Andres is a regular spot for me and it’s one of the easier locations to get to. I know it can be quite the hike for some, so rest assured it’s worth your trip out. We’ll have loads of snacks and water for this outing and if conditions are right we’ll jump right over to Raceway Woods and ride any of the trails that are dry and open.

Drops - Drops are all about carry speed and confidence. You cannot, and I say again cannot stall out on a drop. You need to fully commit when sending a drop. In order to build the nerve to fully send your momentum with confidence it’s always good to plan your speed and set your trajectory. So in order to build to this level of confidence as well as technique, we’ll need to start small where the possibility for wash out is safe. Practicing on the smallest of drops even as high as 1-2 ft can set the bar for furthering the height. Once you get the form down it’s no different 4-5ft up or 8-10ft.. It’s all about setting your bar and progressively climbing to the next level where you feel the most confident and can visualize what you need to do.

Jumps - Jumping is a form of launching yourself forward while leveling yourself out mid flight. Even the best riders need to flat out a landing or bail out to judge speed. Setting yourself up for jumps should be a gradual process that you progress into. Biking can be a lot like Skiing or Snowboarding in that anyone can slide down the mountain, but doing it with style and control is the difference. So the basis of learning how to jump your bike stems from practicing, slowly judging your speed on exits. Knowing what your comfortable with is also key and then edging towards that farther end as you get confident.

A lot of what any rider does is based on practicing Reflex Skills - These skills become embedded the more you practice and understand what your mind and muscles need to do. When you’re on point you shouldn’t be overthinking anything, it should just be a natural reflex and connection to the bike.

Knowing when you’ve got your line and sending it, and knowing when you don’t, is key to staying safe. Sometimes you roll up to a lip and your foot slips a bit, it’s better off to hit the brakes and reset than try and force it. Another usual scenario is being put off balance, so when this happens, wash out into the corner and try not to seize up. As you progress and feel out each section or feature the more confident and more importantly the more your Reflexes will settle in. It takes time and practice learning how to manipulate the trails.

Knowing Your Center (Quiet on the Tee) - When you’re totally centered in, sometimes it’s best to be left alone. The adrenaline runs high, the blood is pumping and you want to contain this force. It’s an energy and if you leave any focus away from what you’re about to commit to you’ll get off center. Sometimes when I’m at the top of a section and I’ve paled around a bit I’ll get quiet after a few of my runs. I start to really focus in on what I’m doing and drown everyone else out. Not for the sake of exclusion but for the sake of my hyper focused moment. I’ve had these moments interrupted and you literally have to rework your rhythm at times in order to get back to your centered moment. It doesn’t always come but when it does, hold in your energy and focus like a determined athlete. This type of mindset has helped me hit some of the biggest lines and jumps with total confidence and focus.

Looking forward to squeezing in a few jump lines with anyone willing to show up on short notice!!

Again more of these will be posted up soon and if the weathers nice we’ll always try and head over to Raceway Woods for a double dip of the mountain bike pie.

See you on the trails my pack animals!!

The Bike Hub

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