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Family Fun Ride!!
12:00 PM12:00

Family Fun Ride!!

We've been getting asked a ton about this and we finally have the spot and location to do it safely!

We'll be posted out behind the shop on Sundays in the back parking lot!

We'll have a specific lot sectioned off that is a private access location.

The whole idea around this is to help younger kids gather around a safe spot and just hang out and ride.

Plenty of prizes for all the young riders that show up!

Our age range for this event is from 2 years old - 6 years old!

Our goal is to help give you and your family some easy riding tips and tricks to help your little one learn how to Pedal, Brake Properly and Look Ahead for Obstacles!!

Make sure you mark your children's attendance as we can only have so many youngsters using the lot at once.

We look forward to seeing a bunch of families out and getting those young shredders out there burning rubber!!

If the event guest list fills quickly you can still join the event but please join later after the first segment of riders - so arrival for the second wave should start at 1:30!

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