The Bike Hub Road Club

Short Out & Back Rides - Long Distant Events with Local Festivities & Itinerary!

We’ll have two different sessions for each weekly ride.

Session #1 - Dedicated for High Pace & Racing Conditions.

Session #2 - Casual Out & Back.

We’re still coordinating with our new Lead Riders for the season and plan on posting up official ride dates for June.

We’re really looking forward to helping anyone either get into their first Group Ride experience or just Train with a laid back team.

Whenever you come for our sessions you’ll have the opportunity to get 10% Off any of your gear or needs before and after each session of riding. So if you need to stock up on energy goodies or need that last minute tire swap, we can handle it and always give us a heads up if you can!

Our aim is to please and we’ll briefly give any bike a quick Axle Check over and top off of Chain Lube and Air. We want everyone safe, confident and fueled for the ride.

We also have Complimentary Water for you to fill up if need be as well as a clean Changing Room and Bathroom.

Looking forward to some nice outings and some yummy tacos at Toda Madres after we’re done!!

Mark MacKenzie

Shop Owner

The Bike Hub

The Bike Hub

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