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We’re planning our next Trail and Tri Adventures now!!

This is a No Pressure Club - We focus on both aspects Mountain & Road Biking!

We have Professionals in each Category to help bring your Cycling Experience to it’s Next Level i.e. Confidence, Skills and Endurance.

We’ll have Scheduled Talks with Tri Coaches and Teams throughout the Off Season leading into the Spring starting with E2 MultiSports Darryl Tyndorf (Head Coach & Professional Triathlete).

For Mountain Biking - we’ll be setting up Session Dates Locally & Regionally

Shop Owner Mark MacKenzie will be Hosting Mountain Bike Adventures and Skills Clinics throughout Chicagoland Trail Systems and Bike Parks.

Regional dates for bigger Trips, as well as Races for the upcoming season, are going to be set up in the next few weeks. So please be sure to tune in to our Blog and join up with us on our Adventures!

The Bike Hub Ride Club!

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