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MTB Retreat Club

Join a Highly Skilled Mountain Bike Club Heading to Bentonville, AR

We're offering private group instruction on proper technique, line choice, posture & many more pointers for enduro trailing. We'll have all day trail at your leisure the moment you arrive. Just jump out of your car, unload your bike and we'll be off to a weekend filled with high quality trailing and adventure!

  • This entails steep technical rock descents and rough switchbacks
  • Progressively sending drops and rollers
  • Progressively sending jumps, both table and gaps
  • Practice manual technique, as will as, braking tactics
  • Proper shoulder and viewpoint positioning on turns and throughout the trail

Coordinated Group Rides, Race Day Preparations & Plenty of Awesome Events!

We're currently working with well established trail leaders and groups in AR.

We'll have specifics for lodging & itinerary, including group packages posted soon.

The rider dockets will be tight to start with only 5-10 slots per trip. So, be sure to vouch for your availability. We expect the trip docket to grow and we'll accommodate with our teams.

Stay posted and up to date with us as this is rapidly progressing and the season is truly upon us. If you want to make the most of your season, come join the crew - Bentonville, AR is about to become your go to for mountain bike adventures!

This is beginner to pro level training and our coaches will go over bike set up and suspension tuning for the best quality ride.

It goes without saying that you'll need a proper mountain bike in order to master this craft.

We adhere to all public trail rules regarding usage, safety notices, and non use when wet rules, etc.

This is for serious mountain bikes only. OK, maybe just a little serious.

- The Bike Hub Enduro Club

Contact us to learn more about the MTB Retreat Club.

Mountain Bike Professional Mark MacKenzie

Background in Racing Cross Country - Downhill & Enduro - CAMBr Meltdown - Gravity East Series - Triple Crown Series - Downhill SouthEast

With roots in the Chicagoland area he has returned to grow the Chicago Mountain Bike Community. With the idea of creating a tight knit group of Enduro/Downhill athletes to enjoy the greater adventures in life. With his help you'll learn to be a more capable & confident rider no matter what mountain or trail you find yourself on.

Mark is a highly skilled rider, having mastered some of the most technical terrain in Colorado, to the Pocono Mountains out East. He raced in multiple Enduro Triple Crown Series at Mountain Creek Bike Park as well as Blue Mountain Bike Parks Gravity East Series. He was also helpful in showcasing Mountain Creek Bike Park as a former sponsored rider - Creating Video Edits and Showcase Reels of the Bike Parks Biggest Features and Famous Tracks.

"There is much to learn in the sport of mountain biking. My goals are aligned with the trail riders I mentor & train. There's a lot of fun to be had, but also a lot of serious pointers & reminders that need to be practiced & perfected. I'm here to give out the tips & tricks that'll progress your riding ability, make you more confident & an overall smarter mountain biker."

"Mountain escapes are why we ride & enjoying high altitude trailing with confidence & power is a feeling you can only experience."