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Road & Gravel Club

The Bike Hub Ride Club - Road & Gravel Group Rides & Events

We offer a laid back approach the the Group Road Ride Scene. 

Our Road Leaders are all locally based and know the routes like the back of their hands!

We do ask those joining up to be sure to have a decent cadence and pace to keep up with as our rides will usually hit 15-20 plus MPH on average. So these are definitely some burner runs and a true workout!  Heck isn't that why we're rolling! 

Be sure to wear proper gear now that the weather is shifting, warmers and wind gear will be a necessary item for our rides.

We'll hopefully squeeze in a few Morning Group Sessions, as that's one thing we haven't done yet this season.

We are still offering Trainer Demo’s and Special Orders are always ongoing for any Product you’re on the hunt for!

Stay posted on our Event Page here and we'll post up our Upcoming Itinerary for the Fall Season!


Contact us to learn more about the Road & Gravel Rides.