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Road & Gravel Club

The Bike Hub Ride Club - Road & Gravel Group Rides & Events

  • Weather permitting we’ll be launching our Road & Gravel Group Rides Soon!
  • Now is the time to bring your Road Bikes in for Proper Service! We’ve been getting a few folks dropping off their steeds for prep work before the season starts. This is the best time to get ahead of the pack! Pun intended!
  • Our Spring Tune Rate is at $84.99
  • Drivetrain Clean & Tune is $124.99
  • Pro Tune is at $150 with a 24-48 hr Turnaround!

We are still offering Trainer Demo’s and Special Orders are always ongoing for any Product you’re on the hunt for!

Safe riding and keep posted for upcoming Event Dates!

Contact us to learn more about the Road & Gravel Rides.